Branch By Abstraction and application strangulation


Branch By Abstraction is a development technique that allows teams to make large changes while collaborating in a single branch and without breaking the system while the change is in progress. It is an alternative to long-lived feature branches. This post will also talk about application strangulation, which is a similar technique that works at a higher level.

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Feature flags


Feature flags are a way to build flexibility into your codebase, allowing some features or alternate code paths to be toggled on or off at will. This post explains a bit more about what they are and how to use them.

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Trunk Based Development


Trunk Based Development is a source-control branching model that limits developer collaboration to a single branch, the “trunk”. This can feel quite restrictive, but it can actually help teams increase the quality of their code base and their ease of deployment. This post aims to give a high-level overview of what practicing Trunk Based Development looks like.

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Code review and collaboration workflows


When writing code alone, it is sometimes easy to make mistakes or forget to take something into account. Therefore, the quality of your code as a team can greatly improve if developers collaborate on writing code. This post talks about some ways to handle code review and collaboration when writing code in a team.

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